Take a drive: head east on Causeway Blvd through South Beach, Vero Beach, Florida

NOTE: Explore Indian River features a video section called Take a Drive. In that section, appropriately enough, you can watch videos that allow the viewer to take a virtual drive down a specific road in Indian River County. While that may or may not sound exciting to the average person, there is an added feature linking each video together: at chosen intersections of each video, there are links where the viewer can “turn”, usually left or right, down a different road by clicking on the embedded annotation links provided.  All of the videos can be viewed on Explore Indian River’s YouTube page if you prefer. Some portable devices may not be able to click on embedded links within the videos. 

When people around the world hear South Beach, they immediately think of Miami. If you’re from Vero Beach, Florida, you should think of Vero’s South Beach, a tranquil stretch of beautiful sandy beach and inviting water.

Some years (decades?) ago, it was common to drive through , or cruise, the parking lots of local beaches in Vero, South Beach included.

This video gives you a glimpse of driving to, and through, South Beach, Vero Beach, Florida.

Local Artist: Peggy Hoskins – Jewelry Designer

NOTE: Explore Indian River features a local artists section with pictures of  artistic works from people in our area. If you would like to be featured on Explore Indian River you DO NOT have to be a professional. Anyone can feature their work. Please contact me (Bret) to get started.

When you think of hobbies, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Stamp collecting? Coin collecting? Knitting? Sewing? Photography? So blow torches and metal work  probably weren’t at the top of your list? Peggy Hoskins took up metal work a few years back. The sales and positive reviews she has received since then have been overwhelmingly positive.

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