Take a Drive: North on A1A from Wabasso Beach to Sebastian Inlet

NOTE: Explore Indian River features a video section called Take a Drive. In that section, appropriately enough, you can watch videos that allow the viewer to take a virtual drive down a specific road in Indian River County. While that may or may not sound exciting to the average person, there is an added feature linking each video together: at chosen intersections of each video, there are links where the viewer can “turn”, usually left or right, down a different road by clicking on the embedded annotation links provided.  All of the videos can be viewed on Explore Indian River’s YouTube page if you prefer. Some portable devices may not be able to click on embedded links within the videos. 

When I was a few years younger, back in 1989, I had my first accident … in my first car. At the time I was driving a 1985 red Renault Encore hatchback – not exactly the pinnacle of automobile perfection, but I didn’t care. That was my first car.  The car below was not mine, but that’s what it looked like.

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History: The first automobile in Vero Beach, Florida: Orient buckboard

Explore Indian River features a history section with pictures of people, places, and things from up and down the Treasure and Space Coast. Featured in this post is one listing out of a collection of hundreds.

The first automobile in Vero Beach was an Orient buckboard. Shown in the picture are Mr. and Mrs. N.O. Penny and their children. Mrs. Penny was the 3-year-old sister of Charles Gifford when she came to Vero Beach to live with her parents in 1888. The automobile was brought in by boat and was assembled in Vero Beach.

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